Norfolk State University Commerical: Pickup Shoot - February - 2017

This was a one day shoot for the University of Norfolk Virginia. We were shooting pickup shots for a commercial that had been shot the previous year. (There had been some line changes) It was an interesting challenge to attempt to recreate similar lighting, framing, and imaging to the previous spot. The spot mostly consisted of many center framed interview style shots. 

For the fist setup we bounced a 2 large HMI sources into an 8x ultra bounce. The second setup with the woman was a bit more complicated due to the tiny location in the record room. We used two 4x Kinos with 250 diffusion to make the room feel larger and create a nice soft Rembrandt style light for our female subject. We backlit with a small HMI fixture in a Pancake Chimera. 

Shot on: Sony FS7 2 with Cooke S4s