Commerical Spot in Bangor, Maine - September 2016

A fun shoot in Bangor Maine. Biggest challenge on this shoot was a lack of prep due to a very short time table. I flew in the day before the shoot and hit the ground running! 

Shot on: Canon C300MK2 - with Leica Summicron C's

Commercial Shoot in Madison, Wisconsin - August 2016

Just wrapped on the second spot in a campaign for this client. This was a one day commercial shoot filmed in downtown Madison. The location was tricky and needed a good amount of work to get to the light high key look the client was after. 

A huge shout out to Scott Kunkel for the BTS Stills

Shot on: Canon C300MK2 - Oddesey 7Q with Zeiss CP2's

Interview Shoot in New York City - July 2016

This was a short interview based client testimonial project I shot last month in Manhattan. For this shoot equipment was delivered by Adorama Camera Rental to location directly across from the empire state building. 

The client wanted to maintain a fairly flat soft look across all the interviewees so I chose to key with a 6x6 half grid with three 1x1 Bi Color Astras through a 2x3 silk. This gave the talent a flattering eye light and very soft universally beautiful quality. I backlit with a Mole 200 LED Fresnel. Filled in with bounce cards. 

Shot on: Canon C100MK2 with Canon L Glass and Rokinon Cine DS

Duffy's Rehab Trust Video in Ashland, OR - March 2016

A few days after we got back from shooting the bulk of the Trust Video, I traveled out to Ashland OR to get some pickup shots for the doc. It was a very last minute trip but productive nonetheless. 

Shot on: Canon C100 and Canon DSLR's with Canon L Glass Primes and Rokinon Primes

Duffy's Rehab Trust Video in Calistoga, CA and SF - March 2016

March was a busy month! This was a fun documentary style production, the weather was very challenging but made for an interesting mood and gave the piece a new look and feel that we didn't expect. 

Shot on: Canon C100 and Canon DSLR's with Canon L Glass Primes and Rokinon Primes

Skyline Eco Adventures Conservation Video Maui - November 2016

This was an awesome project we had the opportunity to produce for Skyline Eco Adventures. Conservation for the land and sea is a passion of the company and core to their brand. We got to visit several different conservation groups on the island and learn what each are doing to help preserve the beautiful island of Maui. Filming each individual was an amazing experience. 

Working in tropical climates is very tricky. Proper rain protection, some good lens solution, and wipes are key.